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This program is by far the best course I have ever attended. The course gave me the courage and trust to really go the way with the own company. Absolutely incredible program. The quality of the speakers is just world class. The organization and the minds behind the program are brilliant. This also changed my perception of USI as one important player in education of current and future entrepreneurs in Switzerland and globally. I will highly recommend the program.

Dr. Patrick Kugelmeier, Oberarzt, Chirurgie, Zuerich



The programme is outstanding and brings immediate and measurable value to my company

Stavros Therianos, CEO and founder of Diagnoplex



My partner Ralf Streichan and I, Nils Goedecke, participated in the BioBusiness program at USI one in 2011 and the other in 2012. We specifically asked CTI to grant us a second participation because of the excellence of the advanced course, which provides an outstanding mixture of lectures on legal and financial business aspects as well as interactive seminars focusing on business models and marketing strategies. The combination of information presentation, working in-class on tasks along with the networking through-out that week it is impossible to say what the best part was. In my opinion this course is a “must-see” for entrepreneurs, who originate in sciences and discover new ground by building their own organization.

Nils Goedecke, CEO and founder, MicroDuits GmbH



As a researcher, doing science, thinking science for all your life, one does not think business. As a researcher you need a kick, to lift up your nose from the lab bench, get out of the box and become an entrepreneur.
I had the privilege of getting the best kick one could hope for. With absolutely no previous experience, I attended the MedTech Business and BioBusiness programs at USI. These programs provided me with priceless knowledge and network. Thanks to these programs, I understood the potential behind my project and I got ready for the entrepreneurial challenge.

Daniela Marino, CUTISS



I can use many of the topics directly in my daily life as a co-founder of a start-up and all the contacts will be of great help in the future

Jörg Ziegler, co-founder of One Drop Diagnostics



This is one of the best and most valuable course that I have ever attended. Content, form and location (USI, Lugano) were perfect.

Dr. Christian Mittelholzer, CSO, Alpha-O Peptides



BioBusiness is a high tech week with heart and soul. The course provides a professional basis and sustainable network with other entrepreneurs and the professionals around. We are proud that we could participate.

Dr. Frank Grossmann, Founder & CEO, Orphanbiotech



The short advanced course BioBusiness provided us with an excellent overview of what it takes to bring a pharmaceutical innovation from the lab to the market and also about biotech market trends. What I really appreciated was that through the real life experiences, examples, and case studies, the information did not remain only theoretical. Very good course!

Aino Kalervo, Project Responsible, sanofi-aventis



This course gave a very comprehensive overview and offered practical relevant insights about the major challenges and opportunities for a bio-entrepreneur in today’s global market environment.

Daniel Leutenegger, CEO & Co-Founder, Stemergie Biotechnology SA



The short advanced course on BioBusiness at Università della Svizzera italiana was an excellent opportunity to gain deeper insights into the Life Science Business with exceptional tutorials. It was a valuable experience to foster our business.

Dr. Jens M. Kelm, InSphero AG, Head of Product Management



BioBusiness is a unique opportunity for young entrepreneurs from all horizons to share with and learn from others. The smart choice of speakers, technical experts and experienced entrepreneurs covers all topics required for a successful biotech endeavour. This is also a chance to network with industry professionals, scientists and investors in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Dr. Thomas Fessard, Head of Chemistry and Drug Discovery, Lipideon Biotechnology AG



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